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[www.LegacyRealtyHomes.com Orange County real estate search] [www.LegacyRealtyHomes.com OC Real Estate] The Orange County CA Real Estate Market: A Good Place to Invest your Money

The Orange County CA Real Estate Market is Investor-Friendly If you are seeking a good investment opportunity, then looking at the Orange County CA real estate market is a good place to start. Along with foreclosed properties, newly built or vacated homes are available as well – all which can be a great deal for anyone who wants to take advantage of the lower market prices and secure wealth by buying properties. [www.LegacyRealtyHomes.com OC Real Estate] Why Buying and Renting in Orange County is Advantageous Considering that Orange real estate is attractive to both buyers and renters, a long-term investment in property in Orange County is a good move. Therefore, conducting a houses for Orange County real estate search is advantageous for a variety of reasons: · Orange County is home to major tourist attractions, such as Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland (good for investors who want to rent vacation properties). · The weather is ideal – temperatures year-round are pleasantly mild, much like that of a Mediterranean Climate. · OC real estate is situated close to beautiful beaches – In fact, Huntington Beach is referred to as Surf City. · Retirees like Orange County as it is situated near high-quality health care, including the UC Irvine Medical Center and the UCLA Medical Center. · The South Coast Plaza is the biggest mall in California and the third largest shopping facility in the United States. Location, Location, Location Indeed, property in Orange County is definitely attractive to home buyers and investors as Orange County is the third most populated county in California and the sixth most populated county in the country. So, needless to say, focusing on investment opportunities in OC real estate will reap you rewards financially. How the Recession has Created a Market for Investors who want to Own Orange County CA Real Estate Before the bubble exploded in the real estate market in 2005, people based their personal wealth on the equity that they had built in their property. However, since that time, the OC real estate landscape has been visibly altered, with real estate selling at reduced prices and some homeowners forced to pay on underwater mortgages. As a result, many property owners in the Orange real estate market have simply walked away from their mortgage obligations while others have been forced to foreclose because they are underemployed or have lost their jobs. Now is a Good Time to Invest in Property in Orange County However, those people who have been forced to foreclose or sell their properties still have to live somewhere. Therefore, an investor who buys real estate in Orange County for the purpose of renting can more easily keep his properties leased. As a result, investing in Orange County CA real estate in today’s market is a good move to make as: · Home prices, especially when compared with Orange County real estate appraisal information, are approximately 40% lower than what they’d be worth in a seller’s market; · A large quantity of short-sale properties and foreclosures are available; · Mortgage interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 30 years; and · Many sellers are motivated to sell their properties.